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Leadership Performance ‘Learning Journey’ for FREE
– Getting more for less in times of need –

Press Release Dated: 01 Oct, 2010 —


In recession, more organisations are trying hard to get more for less. One training and development company has responded to these needs with a unique and largely free learning package and a thoroughly unusual sharing of their know-how.
Culture-change specialist, Angus McLeod Associates (AMA) is offering up to ten months of programmed ‘learning journey materials’ with no revenue costs, except for the two or three days ‘taught’  face-to-face in the classroom-training parts of the learning journey.These learning journeys include free pre- and post-taught web-based workbooks and self-assessments and no-cost, interval activities and support. Much of the materials and taught materials are adapted from over six years of learning & experience in culture-change in UK manufacturing, government and healthcare. These include, for the first time, a manual for HR and L&D specialists. The manual content includes details of how internal staff can be as fully involved with the programme as they like as well as strategic guidance on how to ensure that the learning is culturally-supported and how impact can be maximized for desired behaviours and performance.
The Performance Journey resources also include options for a free programme of internal measurement of performance for those organisations with limited budgets. Alternatively, AMA will undertake robust measurement for which they charge on a cost-plus basis only.