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Emotional Intelligence Test

People never fidget or talk to others when I speak

It is very rare that I have enemies

I often consider whether my speech is loud or not

I am aware of my feelings and can name them

My motivation is complex

I adjust my speech level deliberately to suit situations

I never lose my professional cool

If upset, I continue to listen acutely to what is going on

I deliberately change my habits when needed

I express my feelings, and do so where it is appropriate

I instinctively know if someone is upset

People often come to me for help with personal issues

I buy presents that I would not necessarily like myself but are appreciated by the recipients

I hand-write a personal greeting for a birthday card/gift

I do more listening than talking

I cope well with awkward and embarrassing situations

If someone becomes upset I help deal with that before moving on with any previous discussion

I offer support in preference to advice

In a meeting I encourage anyone who has not spoken to do so

I make adjustments to people’s jobs to fit in with their expressed needs and motivations

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