10-12 April 2013, WORCESTER, UK.

Early-Bird Pricing Applies before 10th January. Limited places (14 only).

Advanced skills transform the work of professional coaches to the highest levels. These skills have been modelled on master-class research – they are outside lists of coaching-skills, whether benchmarked or not!

The latest knowledge about advanced skills are observational, linguistic and physical.

  • Accelerate internal-reflection within seconds of meeting your coachee
  • Learn how to maintain these deep learning states
  • Why to re-think rapport and instead how to achieve almost instantaneous trust
  • How and why context-free coaching raises all your coaching skills to another level
  • Selling coaching – technology for impact (both internal & external) selling
  • Facilitate incredibly-motivating solutions, including cathartic change
  • When is it right to actually interrupt your coachee and when & why must you do that appropriately!

See & hear transformation
Coach at the most impactful levels known with..

Professor Angus McLeod, international master-coach and author of 5 books and over 60 papers

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 “Angus has an eclectic and diverse life and professional interests and experiences that have cultivated within him a great depth and empathy while paradoxically breeding a joyful lightness of being and equanimity.
Time spent with Angus in any capacity is engaging, enlightening, provocative and fun!” Michelle Duval, Co-Founder and Co-Director, The Meta-Coach Training System.

“His passion for coaching is infectious and he plays a key role in ensuring the growth and development of coaching” Jacky Pratt, Director, Ambition Coaching Ltd.

“Angus has the skill of being able to convey complex information in an engaging way that allows people to not only understand but apply what they have learned effectively” Amechi Udo, Inspirational Coach.

“Angus is a superb thinker able to work across an astonishing range of styles from fine detail to breathtaking creativity” Will Thomas, CEO, Vision for Learning Ltd.